You can come to us for

1. Complete solution for equipment developed for process industries like ANF/ANFD, centrifuge, ink mixers, RVPD, etc. 

2. Complete solution for marine applications like jack-up barge, water injection dredgers, heave compensation systems, etc.  

3. Quantity requirement of pre-designed hydraulic cylinders or power packs, we regularly manufacture hydraulic cylinders and power packs for seamed pipe making industry, paper mill machinery & ink making equipment manufacturers, etc.  

4. Special coating on piston rods for highly corrosive atmosphere. Besides hard chrome plating, we manufacture hydraulic cylinders with special coating like ceramic coating, etc. 

5. Engineering services for hydraulic system or hydraulic cylinder design

6. Hydraulic requirement for construction machinery

7. If you want to increase the efficiency of mechanically actuated axial movement in processing equipment or applications used in pharmaceutical, pesticide and chemical industry by replacing it with hydraulic actuators.

8. If you want to get CGMP grade hydraulic cylinders and power packs manufactured for pharmaceutical and food-processing industry.


Essentially, we are always exited to get new and challenging projects. We have a history of successfully executing first timers with great precision and customer satisfaction. Our clients have benefited from our quality and cost-efficiency minimizing their project budget
— Viral Mistry (Development Head, Rajvivik)

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